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Scrape: To Remove From A Surface By Forceful Strokes Of An Edged Or Rough Instrument.

Scrape Audio Magazine (ISSN 1058-0395), was first published by Plutønium Press in 1991. There were two issues released on C-60 audio cassettes. Audio was a natural progression for the photocopied collage magazine, Scrap, and the name Scrape fit perfectly. While Scrape was mostly a vehicle for the musique concréte of Chris Winkler, every one of the other contributors offer solid works that push the limit of what you can call "music". BE WARNED! The music on these compilations will bother and irritate your unsuspecting friends and family. Each originally featured over 20 contributors, and there is not an ounce of fluff.

Scrape attracted a strong following, and featured contributions from every corner of the globe from some of the best pre-computer artist's that used the worldwide Postal system to distribute their works in the late 1980's & early 1990's, just as the first Macintosh computers were being used by these artists.

Both include 9 bonus tracks not previously released. About one half of the songs are re-mastered from the original audio submissions. The rest are re-mastered from the original 60 minute audio cassette masters, originally used to duplicate the original audio tapes.

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