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Plutønium Press published a number of artist's booklets or chapbooks from 1986 - 1990. After starting Scrap Magazine, we found a number of artist's who we liked enough to offer to publish their works for the world to see. Since we have no desire to re-print them, we are offering these booklets as 150 dpi eBook PDF files that can be viewed on any computer, eBook viewer, or printed.

Lindley Bhanji

Hairbone Stew
Jake Berry

Anatomy Of A Male Slut
Bill Shields


Some States Of Being
State of Being


Professional Driver
K.A. Keefe


Harry Polkinhorn


Jake Berry


The White Boy Papers
Paul Weinman


Greg Evason


Chicken In The Acid
Chris Winkler

Lust In Decline
Chris Winkler

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